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Cipango (a poetic name for Japan) + ‘plant-based lifestyle’ = ciplantgo, a podcast aimed at introducing people living a plant-based lifestyle in Japan.日本で菜食ライフスタイルを送っている人々のインタビューを中心にしたポッドキャスト。

May 5, 2019

ciplantgo#12: Seyka Mejeur, touring the world promoting a vegan lifestyle

Seyka Mejeur is vegan lifestyle advocate based in California and, at the time of recording this podcast, travelling Japan - then the world - with her husband Brian. Although they do not live in Japan, I thought it would be really interesting to ask about their experience as vegan travelers in Japan, and as vegan activists, so I invited them on the podcast after Seyka posted a message in the Vegan Japan Facebook group.

The episode starts with a quick presentation of Seyka and Brian’s vegan world tour. The discussion then addresses their experience and organization travelling in Japan as vegans, their path to veganism, the most positive and negative aspects of adopting a vegan lifestyle, Seyka’s opinion about ethical veganism, plant-based cheese, what ‘it’s easy to be vegan’ means to different people, Seyka and Brian’s activism related activities in California, their motivation going forward, advice to people wanting to follow in their footprints, veganism in the future, Seyka and Brian typical day back home, and finally cell grown meat.

It was a real pleasure being able to catch a little more than an hour with Seyka and Brian at the very beginning of their vegan world tour. I hope you will enjoy listening to the episode as much as I did recording it.


- Introduction

- 0:01:30s - Seyka and Brian: quick presentation, their world tour, and Japan as their first stop

                0:04:10s - The rationale of the tour planning: new places, vegan discoveries, and minimum amount of flying

- 0:08:00s - Their experience and organization travelling Japan as vegans

                0:13:10s - About how I think ethical veganism is not compatible with being ‘respectful’ of witnessing meat eaters indulge in their omnivorism

- 0:19:05s - Seyka (and Brian) path to veganism

                0:22:25s - About romantic relationships

- 0:28:05s - The most positive aspect of becoming vegan: walking the talk

- 0:30:50s - The most negative aspect of becoming vegan

- 0:33:55s - Seyka’s opinion about ethical veganism

- 0:35:45s - Seyka’s take on “How do you go without cheese”...

- 0:38:00s - What I think about saying “It’s easy to be vegan”: it makes you less relatable

- 0:41:20s - Seyka and Brian activism related activities in California

- 0:43:50s - What is keeping Seyka and Brian motivated to go forward

- 0:44:35s - Advices to people who would like to emulate Seyka and Brian’s lifestyle and activism

- 0:46:55s - Seyka’s vision for the future of the vegan movement

- 0:51:15s - Seyka and Brian’s typical day back home

- 0:53:25s - Something that Seyka is curious about right now


Introduction BGM: "Corporate Japan" by Birocratic (http://birocratic.lnk.to/allYL)


Additional notes and links

- How to contact Seyka:

         Website/blog: http://forgoodnessseyks.com/

         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seyka

         Instagram#1: https://instagram.com/forgoodnessseyks

         Instagram#2 (foodie): https://www.instagram.com/forgoodnessseyks_foodie/

- ciplantgo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ciplantgo/

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