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Cipango (a poetic name for Japan) + ‘plant-based lifestyle’ = ciplantgo, a podcast aimed at introducing people living a plant-based lifestyle in Japan.日本で菜食ライフスタイルを送っている人々のインタビューを中心にしたポッドキャスト。

March 10, 2019

ciplantgo#8: Pascal Rosier, businessman / passionate vegan - roots, connection, meditation, compassion

Pascal Rosier, businessman running the company Business Wire, is one of the most passionate vegan I have met in Japan. In addition to being very smart - Pascal speaks more than 5 languages - he is also tall, quite muscular, and always displays a very compassionate smile upon his face, which illustrates his love for all living beings. The few short discussions I had with him during Tokyo Vegan meetups made me eager to hear more about his story, so I naturally asked him to be on the podcast.

This interview is mostly centered around Pascal’s story from childhood to his life in Japan. On the way, we make brief stops about his current job, children and their motivation to learn, the importance of role models, the value of traveling to gain new perspectives, the experience of living in Japan as a foreigner, the challenges of being the only vegan among your intimate social circle, mock animal products, and the rise of veganism worldwide.

Pascal’s story was really interesting to me. It was a very valuable learning experience to hear him share his views, their origin, and how they came to be. I hope you will find our lengthy discussion as enjoyable as I did.


- Introduction

- 0:01:40s - Pascal’s background, part 1: roots in Martinique, childhood in Germany.

- 0:03:00s - Pascal’s job in Japan.

- 0:04:50s - Pascal’s background, part 2: life in Germany and family background.

- 0:17:20s - How I can relate to Pascal’s experience as a kid; on the topic of children, their environment and motivation.

- 0:20:30s - Pascal’s background, part 3: path to East France, Martinique, then back to Paris.

- 0:28:10s - My view on the need of role model(s)

- 0:31:50s - Pascal’s background, part 4: about his father

- 0:33:00s - About the value of gaining perspective from traveling

- 0:41:20s - Pascal’s background, part 5: Paris - Japan - Paris - Japan; is France more open minded than Japan, or the other way around?... and how to connect with people

- 1:06:00s - Living in Japan is to be floating above society

- 1:16:05s - Pascal’s family in Japan, part 1 - how meaningful roots make life more colorful

- 1:21:50s - Pascal’s path to veganism - the role of meditation, the power of compassion, and stepping back from your beliefs

- 2:03:45s - Challenges as the only vegan in one’s household / (romantic) relationship - the importance of connection

- 2:18:10s - About mock meat and milk, about cheese...

- 2:30:10s - Veganism becoming normal - soon in Japan too?


Introduction BGM: "Corporate Japan" by Birocratic (http://birocratic.lnk.to/allYL)

Additional notes and links

- Pascal Rosier on the Business Wire website: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181031005394/en/Business-Wire-Names-Pascal-Rosier-General-Manager

- Tokyo Vegan Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/vegan-389/

- Vegan Tokyo: https://vegantokyo.org/

- ciplantgo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ciplantgo/

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